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What I want for me is what I want for you.

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October 16, 2012

I don't exactly know where to begin, so I'm just going to bungee off the cliff, say to hell with 'exacts' and write from the heart.

What I want for me is what I want for you: a world of possibility and potential. Of manifesting Truth and Light. Of Freedom and legitimate Power. A world without the violence of ego-force judgment and intolerance and control and fear and conformity and rigid rules that don’t serve humanity … only the structures that keep us enslaved.

What I want is for us to find the courage and freedom to be Ourselves – who we really, really are right at the core … who we were made to be – and impact the world with the soul force of that immortal truth.

To inspire hope, encouragement, support and love. To ruthlessly infect the pseudo worlds and pseudo selves all around us. To bring them to the Light.

What I want is kindness and gentleness and safe, supportive space to dissolve those parts of ourselves and our lives that are built on lies. That are built and perpetuated to keep us under control.

We must find the ground, grace and courage to stand and speak The Subversive Truth of what isn’t right for us – from the smallest habit to a key relationship or a life-long belief system. We have to come to the point of knowing it’s okay. It’s okay to speak The Subversive Truth. Even though there will be repercussions. Consequences.

Because there’s earth-shaking, universe-making Power in that kind of Truth! In its foundations and branches and lofty peaks. In its fruit and leaves and stability and beauty! The Truth is the one thing that, when we lay hold on it, has the power to liberate us and transform how we live our lives in this place. It’s the one thing that gives us the Power to leave a legacy to humankind long after we’re gone.

Men have died speaking it. But more tragically, they’ve died not speaking it. Death approaches either way. We may as well be honest now about who we are, what path we’re truly on and our struggles and vulnerabilities. Be honest with the wounds and the questions and the experiences that shape us – even when they don’t jive with our spiritual worldview. Especially when they don’t.

Once I was asked: What hardship or pain do you not want yourself or others to experience? The answer would become the foundation of my soul’s work…

I don’t want to be enchained, serving a system – small or great, internal or external, secular or spiritual – that doesn’t allow us the dignity and Power of being our authentic selves doing our authentic work.

I don’t want us to buckle under the weight of such tyranny and keep on buckling until there’s nothing left of our God-given SOUL TRUTH to hold us, and we sink into acceptance, defeat, domestication and hopeless conformity … slow deaths … until our bodies drop under the crushing weight!

What I want is for women AND men to stop throwing themselves under the bus of the pressures of illegitimate ‘authorities’ … be they in the society, the culture, the religion, the family or in the ingrained, nay-saying voices in our own heads! I want to stop seeing us fall victim to the slow, eroding dehumanizing DEATH of our souls just to maintain the status quo of what everyone expects and demands!

What debilitating madness! No wonder we can’t cope … there IS no coping without being able to tell the truth!

But I have to be willing for that work to start with me, and at the risk of sounding cliche, be the change I want to see. To be the one I’ve been waiting for.

So … okay. That’s why I’m punching ‘Post’ and launching this blog. To share how I’ve taken back my Essential self … how I’m still taking it back. How we ALL have that responsibility and mandate. How the work is ongoing and really just boils down to being fiercely committed to seeking the truth and walking it out.

To live an integrated and empowered life. Is that all? 🙂

I desperately want you to understand that while accomplishing goals is important and learning how to be a ‘success’ in life, business, is a worthwhile thing, how monetary abundance has its place and healthy relationships its deep, deep rewards …

If you don’t get the fundamentals down, if you don’t come to know your Truest self and begin living from that sacred place, none of the other stuff is even possible! Sheer force of will can make some things happen, yes, but it can’t SUSTAIN them if you’re not aligned to your Soul’s truth.

Believe me. I’ve tried.

Living with this kind of authentic integrity doesn’t equal getting crazy and selfish and getting a divorce, a tattoo, a Harley, 16 tickets for driving your shiny new convertible too fast, a ferret, a Parisian condo and not honoring your legitimate obligations.

You did notice I said ‘legitimate’ … right?

See, despite what we’re told, exploring and finding and integrating our deepest self is NOT selfish and dangerous. Because your truest self will not abandon your true obligations or values. It CAN’T. It’s a universal law:

What is True always honors what is True. Truth has that inherent quality of Integrity. It’s as simple and profound as that.

Realigning with our deepest self has to be our number one task here. I can feel some cringes out there. 🙂 Stay with me. It’s as the Kabbalists assert with their belief in Tikkun Olam (Hebrew), the Repairing of the World. That the World itself experiences healing every single time we heal our own wounds and manifest true soul power. The two are inseparably and irrevocably linked.

Radical new thought? Maybe, but in all honesty, how can it be otherwise? And I would dare say: Why should it be otherwise?

No, we can’t continue to be influenced away from our most essential soul work by fearful people ignorant of and intimidated by the Soul Recovery process! Those are not the voices we should be listening to! We have to get to the place of trusting our own guts, walking our own path – foot to Earth – manifesting our own deepest truth and helping others to follow.

So here I am. A little tardy, a little road-worn, but entirely convinced of the absolute Pure Truth of my message. I want to help others like myself. In healing, in Liberation and integration. I stand in safety and solidarity with them as we explore our creative fires and core intuitions. As we explore our deepest wounds, our honest current realities and our most fervent Dreams.

I am a Writer. A sacred Witness. A circle-creator. Inner Alchemist. Elemental force. Soul-shaman in the making. A fellow Phoenix who’s become accustomed to the bright, warm Flames.

But most of all, most importantly for YOU, I imagine, I am HERE. NOW. I am Present for you and your own terrifying, tumultuous, exhilarating, and elemental Soul Journey of Inner Alchemy.

I won’t lie to you. It’s not a journey for the fainthearted. But it’s the most important journey, the most personally sacred journey, you’ll ever take. Because how can you fulfill your soul work, be a true Friend to humanity, reflect the Light of the Creator … if you don’t even know who you are?


So what I want for me is what I want for you. To live without chains, discerning your inner truth, imbued with authentic Power, infusing the world with the gifts that only you can give.

Are you willing? Are you ready? Am I? Because that’s all it takes to kindle the first fluttering spark of the alchemical fires.

As a fellow phoenix, I look forward to sharing this journey with you. More than you can possibly imagine.

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Post Photo: Julie Franks-Murray