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The Essentials & the Mandate

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July 29, 2014

You hear talk of empowerment everywhere. A lot of theories get thrown around.

While I believe in the need for open dialogue, I’m only going to want to talk so long. After that, I just want free of the chain and to take hold of power.

To be big and bad? To be ‘all that’? No. That’s too tiring and springs from ego, my biggest obstacle anyway. I want to be empowered because … only empowered people have a chance of saving the planet from the effects of dark, destructive selfishness.

Empowered people impact the world because they’ve impacted themselves.

In my experience, the precursors of Empowerment are:


  1. The Journey – the life, death, life cycle of sustaining Truth
  2. The process of Alchemy – inner Integrity solidified and integrated
  3. The Space – the right and freedom – to pursue both!


The first two, I go into on the About page. The third … well, that’s a topic for expanded discussion. And we’ll get into it more as we go.

Suffice it to say, the reason that so many women (and men, too) don’t initiate soulful change in their lives is that they simply don’t feel like they’ve got the right to. Pure and simple.

And far too often, they never get past it.

A large part of my work is support and validate their need to just begin the Journey. To witness and give permission to their intention to embark.

Deep inside, they have all the validation and permission they need to manifest and embody their soul’s truth in the world. But in the vulnerable beginning phases when everything is so scary and in flux and they’re questioning themselves right and left, people desperately need reassurance that what they need IS, indeed, lawful for them to take.

It IS lawful. And somewhere along the way, they’ll come to the same realization I did: Not only do they have the right, but they also have the MANDATE to take the journey. Wherever it leads them. Because when we seize courage and start the process, we begin to open and heal.

And when we start healing ourselves, we start to heal the world.

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Post Photo: Julie Franks-Murray