The Soul Alchemist

So you took that big step

June 21, 2016

And still feel ... just like you did.

When that happens, redirect your focus – to the fact that you actually took a risk and took action. Because if you can do it once, you can do it again.

And know that when you actually start to do it, the big ‘It’ you’ve been trying to do for years (or a lifetime), it won’t FEEL like you thought it would feel. And that’s okay. Normal, even.

As I do more and more of what I want, it feels messy and a little … uncontained. Like I’m leaking all over the other parts of my life.

And I am. That’s what doing stuff LOOKS like. If it’s real, it’s touching everything.

So just have fun! Let it be messy. Let your peas and carrots touch each other. ‘Messy’ is another word for ‘Dynamic’. And ‘Dynamic’ is another word for ‘Gettin ‘Er Done’.

And sometimes, the most important thing about getting it done? Just learning to relax.

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Photo: Julie Franks-Murray