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Nausea, Jumping off the Cliff & Disbelief

· Did I really do that? What was I thinking? Am I ready? Is it too late to ... The answer to ALL is a hardy HECKYES ·

September 18, 2017 0 Comments

Today I went live on social media advertising a workshop I’m doing in my small Oklahoma town called (the workshop, not the town ; ) The Passion & Possibility Workshop.

It’s been brewing in me for years, the first of its kind I’ve done.

So … nausea, jumping off a cliff, disbelief, nausea … <smile>

But I share this with you to show that it’s just the process we go through to put our authentic work out there in a way that actually has a chance of affecting people.

Yes, I blog. And I’ve been on social media now for a bit sharing questions, observations and insights.

But to really ramp it up to match my daydreams? I had to get willing to let the fearful clutch of tension just be in my head and guts for a while and take the flying leap anyway.


There is literally no way around the discomfort of that first step.


That’s just what change is … an unfamiliar, uncomfortable blip in our daily status quo.

It can feel positively life-threatening, but it’s really the most natural step in saying goodbye to what we’ve outgrown … and a big hello to the only path that’ll truly fulfill us – even while it sincerely challenges us.

Deep inside, we know when we’re ready. Because feeling ready and being ready are two very different things. 

And if you are ready (as I was) …

If you’ve done the work and you know the landscape of that fruitful place you want to help others find …

If you feel in your innards that it really is time, then there’s only one remaining question …


My Dearest Brave & Tender Soul … 

What are you waiting for?


Your Soul Friend in Fear & Progress,

Header Photo: L. Schofield | Post Photos: Julie Franks-Murray

One of the most loving ways we can nurture our Soul is to pay attention when it speaks to usHas something been calling you for awhile now? Something creative, a shift in how you work, or an adventure?

Has discomfort or not knowing exactly how to proceed  – or maybe reactions from other people – prevented you from taking action? (Particularly those closest to you.)

Wanting to keep the peace is a worthy goal, but not at the expense of your own wants and needs. What are some small things you could do to stretch your wings a bit and allow you to practice bravery in the face of other people’s negative responses?

Remember that practicing something new is never comfortable, but it gets easier.  Be the tortoise rather than the hare in this particular ‘race’. Give yourself plenty of space and tender care while you inch your way forward.

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