The Soul Alchemist

Make finding your sacred art a priority. Do this, and watch your life ignite.

August 19, 2015

Ruthlessly pursue your art. Even if you don't know yet what it is. ESPECIALLY if you don't know what it is. That's when it counts the most.

Don’t let anything deter you or make light of your deepest Soul expression. Ultimately, it doesn’t need the validation of others – just yours – to set it free.

Don’t let fear bar the way like a dark guardian of the gate. You may not yet understand, but you ARE smart enough. Capable enough. You CAN learn the skills necessary to create stunning works of Beauty and Truth.

The great Secret? The essence of the Art itself will help you once it feels your devotion.

Let it be your breath. Your pulse. Your hum. Your religion.

Until the fire of it, the song & strength of it, rises above your humanity to sing itself back into the heart of God.

Catalyst Questions to journal or ponder …

What soft nudge has been calling you for years? What one thing have you always wanted to do but never did … or never continued?

What would have to give way so that you could devote time and energy to it? How could you start making that happen?

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Post Photo: Julie Franks-Murray