The Soul Alchemist

Liberation doesn’t come without cost

June 19, 2016

But nothing worthwhile does.

You will be judged. There’s no getting around it. You have to get okay with that to move forward.

And guess what? You’re already being judged. By someone … somewhere … for something. It doesn’t have to be a problem. In fact …

If you’re going to be judged regardless, doesn’t it make more sense to be judged for the truth? For what’s real and authentic and coming from who you really are?

That’s just integrity. Integrity of the structure (You) bearing up under the conditions it operates in (the Crucible). A forge has to withstand the fire and the beating in order to forge. Ice trays have to withstand the bitter cold to make ice cubes.

And you and I have to withstand the elements around us in order to do what we’re here to do. It’s not a hard concept, we just don’t like it.

Understanding, validation and vindication are nice. Truly. But standing in pure groundedness on your base? Waaay beyond that and eventually, way better. It really is the gift that keeps on giving.

As scary and impossible as it seems, to stand up and be solid in what’s true for you is a bona fide relief after trying for years to just get along and not rock other people’s boats.

Consideration of others isn’t a bad thing, but there has to be give and take, for Pete’s sake.

And so much of the time, the pure fact is, you’re not getting the same consideration from those around you who’ve gotten entitled to your giving.

Now, the solidified expectation is for you to back up, defer, consent, comply. In ways that don’t work for you anymore. Maybe they never did.

There comes a point when enough is enough. When it’s your turn. To stand up and not let others make you feel guilty for being true to your own inner code … just as they don’t feel guilty in being true to theirs.

We search endlessly for that one thing, that piece of knowledge, that external process that will make us feel more powerful. Less like a bystander in our own lives.

But we don’t understand that the elusive piece, that holy grail, begins and ends with us just telling the truth. Over and over again until we fully integrate it.

Our greatest power stems from our greatest truth.

Trust me on this. I’ve had my hands, energy, imagination, desperate, clutching prayers ALL OVER the stuff of my life trying to figure out what would deliver me to my own Sovereign Power.

Like Dorothy with the ruby slippers, man. The Truth was right there all along just waiting for me to own it, tell it and let it be. It doesn’t need our help. But to have access to its benefits, it does require our loyalty.

In the end, embodying the truth is the only thing that will sustain us, unlock the door to our sacred Power … and endure long after the back-lashing fires have gone out.

Some Catalyst Questions to journal or ponder … 

Do I equate standing in my truth with having to convince others that my position is valid? That my thoughts, feelings are ‘reasonable’? Where does this belief come from?

Deep down, am I afraid that I’m ‘bad’ or ‘selfish’ for wanting to live from that truthful place inside me? Where does that belief come from?

What would it FEEL like to just stand and speak, to just BE, and let the ripples and tension be there and be someone else’s responsibility to cope with?

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Post Photo: Julie Franks-Murray