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· A question we have to answer honestly ·

November 17, 2012

Would I rather experience 'peace' for hiding who I am ... or endure judgment for telling the truth of my soul?

I guess it depends on why we want to tell our truth.

For me, it’s to gain the freedom to live, breathe and move freely in a world of relentless conformity and mindless bondage. It’s equally about the honor and responsibility of serving humanity the right way: in Integrity and authentic Power.

They’re one in the same, really.

That being the case … the question really becomes: can we live any other way?

Because the alternative – the hiding, the lying – is only a half-life at best. And I’m so tired of being halted and prevented by my fear of what men will think of me. I’m so tired of trying to explain and explain and validate myself. I’ve spent 40 years trying to dodge that bullet. I’m tired of dodging.

For me, the answer has suddenly become crystal clear. I’ll just have to endure the abuse for being authentic.

For putting my Light up and out so that it can actually do its job and light something! So I can live more surely and perhaps help others find their own way.

So take your shots. Make ’em count. Because I’m just getting started telling my truth.

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Post Photo: Julie Franks-Murray