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It’s Not About Us – Right?

June 17, 2015

What is the source of authentic power? Is it something only conferred on us by an outside source?

How can there be honor and meaning in powerlessness, especially the kind that’s often disguised as submission?

How can the essence of the Creator work through us, through our lives, if we’re not authentically powered?

Even if we are conferred upon … don’t we still have the responsibility to make it fully our own?

How else can it find expression in our life, on our path? I mean, God either needs our participation or not.

If not, then no covenant matters. No action we take matters.

If yes, then we’re mandated to find a way to manifest authentic Power. And the only way we can learn to do that consistently is to chew it, swallow it, digest it. In that sense, walking out the truth most intimately becomes about us, despite all the accusations to the contrary.

Isn’t it OUR foot that has to move? OUR hearts that have to work? WE must learn the lessons. Manifest the fruits. The gifts.

Else, nothing will get done with our life. Sure, others will do great work. But we’ll get nowhere, because we’re chained to the secretly self-righteous belief that … it’s not about US.

I remember a story I heard once. About a master, a servant, and a coin. A talent.

The servant was given a talent by his master for safekeeping. But he was fearful of trying to do anything with it because, basically, he believed that the talent wasn’t about him. But about being safe.

So when the master returned, the servant simply retrieved the coin and gave it back. Incensed, the master pronounced the servant idle, lazy, even wicked!

So is it a subversive thought that our spirituality, our TALENTS, are about us? Maybe. By the culture. By the religion. But when it’s all said and done, it’s what the master of the talent thinks that’s relevant.

So while I know that my spirituality IS about me, and can’t be otherwise if it’s to be effective, I also know I’ll suffer for it.

But I’m getting okay with that. Because I have faith that the master will understand. Even if I fail miserably.

Because I utterly refuse to return the gift without ever having tried to use it.


Catalyst Questions to journal or ponder …

Has anyone ever made you feel guilty for trying to make your life about … you? Your dreams, opinions, perspectives? What was this person’s role in your life, and what did he or she potentially have to gain by ridding you of your right to wear your own crown?

Look at both the potential gains and losses. What did they stand to lose by you finding your authentic way? It’s often here that we find the root of the real issue: people are threatened when we press against the old corral fence. So you have to ask yourself: is the issue really my selfishness … or is it someone else’s fear of losing whatever influence they’ve had up until this point?

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Photo: Julie Franks-Murray