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Do we want to feel good, or do we want to change?

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January 28, 2018 0 Comments

Because right at the jumping off point, one has to give way to the other.

We seek to avoid what doesn’t feel good, but then we obsessively seek change – and wonder why it keeps slipping through our fingers.

To embrace change is to accept feeling uncomfortable.

Why? Because actual change gets us out of our comfort zone. This is why we can endlessly talk about it: because in ‘planning,’ we’re allowed to stay in our safe zone.

But as soon as we move to implement change, we find ourselves scrambling. Back to the safety of our turtle shell.

Case in point: me waiting to take off for Ireland feeling both Exhilarated AND scared.

Change stretches and challenges us at the same time it excites and motivates us. Because both positive and negative aspects are part of its package, we have to get willing to accept them both. This is a major key to manifesting our vision in the world because when we only embrace part of something, we only get to enjoy partial results.

The truth is, we’re addicted to our feeling states. In my case, I’ve been addicted to feeling cozy, comfortable, and safe. And those feelings are good, but like everything else, they can be taken to extremes.

I can’t define my safe, cozy, comfortable feeling by the fact that I take no uncomfortable action. Whatever circumstances are required of me, I’m learning to take my turtle shell with me (my sense of grounded, unspoiled safety and pleasure) while going where I need to go.

Otherwise I position myself to constantly have to choose between my favorite feeling state and the doing state of my favorite goal. When I learn to ‘group’ them together into one unified front and effort, then I’ve done something powerful: I’ve resolved my internal conflict.

Why is this important? Because when I’m in conflict with myself, I stunt my best efforts. Once I get all my inner parts aimed in the same direction, it’s clear sailing when I accelerate. At least long enough to get out of the gate.

And when external obstacles do arise – and they will because that’s life – they’re much easier to overcome.

Because then I’m working with myself instead of against myself.

Photos: Julie Franks-Murray
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In the past have you noticed yourself scrambling to stay where you feel comfortable?

What do you have to LOSE by staying there? 

What doors could open by taking action? 

Flash-forward to the end of your life. Would you regret not trying at all?


Love to hear your thoughts! xo

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