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Change Requires Space to Happen in

January 5, 2016

You can't keep all the old stuff and try to manifest new stuff on the same real estate.

People tell me all the time they have trouble focusing. They have a vision for their lives, but they just can’t focus on it enough to make it a reality.

It’s no wonder. There’s just too much clamor in the playing field and not enough space to unfold from.

Maybe you’ve had similar trouble. And perhaps it’s true that you’re missing some essential pieces or that they just haven’t revealed themselves yet.

But even if they did, could you see them amidst the clutter and flurry of the kind of life most of us consider ‘normal’? Would we recognize the fleeting, essential flash of rare and precious things against the demanding backdrop of life’s never-ending machine?

We’ve been trying to see, feel and build our way through the everyday chaos, and it’s been the hardest thing we’ve ever tried to do. Well, guess what? Here’s a serious epiphany, one it’s taken me years to understand …

It feels hard because it IS hard.

The way we’ve been chasing and accosting and trying to force the Dream is hard because we’ve pretty much treated this thing, this rare and precious thing, like it’s just another item on the to-do list.

And important item, yes, but still just one of many.

The fact of the matter is, in real time and space where stuff actually gets manifested, its placement in our lives isn’t an honored, dedicated, sacred space.

We throw our dream in with everything else, into the tumultuous pot of all the superficial and temporary things we engage in on a daily basis with an almost sink-or-swim attitude. Like, if it’s really meant to be, it’ll somehow rise to the surface by its own power and start directing our lives like a fairy godmother boss.

Now. Does our soul’s vision hold great power? YES. Can it feed and sustain our life? Of course. It’s meant to. But like anything else, it doesn’t just pop into existence fully-formed. Nor does it seize control of our habits and decisions without our consent and commitment to its unfolding.

The realization we must come to is this: the truth and outflow of our soul’s purpose into the world is NOT on the same level as everything else. Our divinely-inspired expression is of higher vibration and importance, higher caliber and quality. It’s a treasure, a pearl of great price. Our own personal holy grail.

Yes, I know life is demanding. And yes, we have stuff to do. But I also know that the way we’ve gotten used to living isn’t conducive to creative intention, and certainly doesn’t just give the most important things their due.

For our Vision to be more than a lovely revolving story, we have to rise up, beat back, risk ruffling feathers and keep on doing it to create and sustain a reservoir that’s truly worthy of it.

Having the power to take our desire from the theoretical to the actual requires a growing understanding of the following truths …

Until you truly comprehend the worth and beauty of Yourself, your true self, and you right and mandate to bring your Soul’s work into the world, you won’t be able to bear up under all the forces that will oppose you. Because they will. It’s like, their job. Ultimately, to strengthen you … to prove you. If only to yourself.

Until you’re willing to give your Vision the time and space, attention and loyalty, it requires, it won’t give you the details of its form and structure that you so desperately crave. And until you give it your devotion, it won’t give you any guarantees. (The guarantee of the work is your devotion, but that’s another post.)

Until you become willing to drop less important things, you’ll never be able to embody more substantial, enduring things. There’s too much vying for your attention and energy, and none of it will ever stop until you learn to say ‘NO’ – and mean it, without apology. Or, said another eloquent way: let go of the pointless shit.

Until you stop seeking permission, approval and – it pains me to say – understanding from others, you’ll never fully step into your own Soul Power. Never. Ever. Trust me on this. You can either appease outside forces, or you can be in integrity with your own inner truth. But you can’t have both, or should I say, you can’t sustain both. And you’re not meant to. That’s the defining choice.

Building anything worthwhile and lasting starts with a solid foundation. And that starts with sectioning off the dedicated space … which, yes, takes setting aside the time.

I’m compelled to say it again: you’re worth your own effort. Creating a small, sustainable space in your life – whatever that looks like for you – is the single most important and necessary step you’ll take to creating the reality you want. Nothing can happen without the space for it to happen in.

And in carving out time, you’re staking a claim inside your own life. By drawing the boundary, you’re declaring a more serious intention and effort. And the Powers That Be will match your level and start helping you … if you don’t relent.

So do whatever it takes. Get it done, and keep getting it done.

I’ll leave you with some rather obvious cliches as food for thought – because they just keep proving true:

Necessity is the mother of invention …

Where there’s a will, there’s a way …

(And one I recently heard from a young man not yet twenty that stuck like a cockle-bur despite every attempt to dislodge it …)

Ya gotta risk it for the biscuit.

Boom. : )

Big Hugs,

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Post Photo: Julie Franks-Murray