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So often, we see our failures and flaws, but we don't see our strengths, our gifts, our raw, innate powers. To see ourselves TRUTHFULLY, we have to take these inner realities into account.

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And that’s the truth. No matter what you’re wounded, self-effacing, habitually-hiding tendencies are. No matter how big your fear is, or your utter inability to believe in yourself.

No matter how many times you’ve tried and failed. No matter how many ways you haven’t gotten it done. No matter how many arrows you’ve shot at a creative target only to have it move on you or your mark not be ‘good’ enough. Or if you’ve just inexplicably lost interest. It happens.

The bottom line is, your abilities are infinite. And the only limits that can hold you back are the ones you choose to believe in. The only ones you allow.

You were made in the image of God. In his likeness, after his pattern. The C-R-E-A-T-O-R. Creative greatness is your core blueprint, and it’s been working this whole time.

You’ve helped create the life you have – good, bad or indifferent, yes? You can always create yourself another kind of experience, even if you just start small.

It’s not hype or wishful thinking. It’s the TRUTH. You have the Power. So stop telling yourself the old victim stories (even if they were true once) and starting using the gold scepter built into your hand.

Some Catalyst Questions to journal or ponder …

Why, O why is coming into our creative power so scary? In what ways do we think our lives would change? What resistance – inner and external – would we have to overcome?

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