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A Stellar Review: Danielle LaPorte’s The Desire Map

June 11, 2016

Radically shift your perspective on goal setting.

Sometimes a book doesn’t deserve its own hype. But for me, this one did. In spades. It’s now in my top 10 books for empowerment, self-knowledge & stuff that actually works.

It centers around a reversal: instead of pursuing goals you think will make you happy, you turn the whole goal-setting paradigm on its head by focusing on how you want to FEEL.

Then from that place, you choose goals that align with what Danielle LaPorte calls your ‘Core Desired Feelings’.

We’ve all chased stuff we thought would make us happy. But when it didn’t, we were let down and lost – in a wilderness of our own making.

But it shouldn’t be a mystery: when we allow society’s values and goals to superimpose over our own, we’re not getting clear on what we REALLY want … and why.

When we understand what’s really driving us, then we’re empowered to make better choices. It’s that simple.

LaPorte’s book covers both the philosophy behind this new way of inhabiting our lives and the step-by-step process of getting there. It’s a practical, soul-centered system that the author built for herself, and therein lies its manifesting super power: she’s not repeating someone else’s tired rhetoric. Blah-blah same-same crap-crap.

She’s dealing in energetic truth … which begets energetic truth in the form of RESULTS.

I felt the difference as soon as I started reading.

I’m discriminating about my raves and recommendations. Bottom line? This book actually helped me. If you stick with it and do the work, it’ll help you, too.

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Post Photo: Julie Franks-Murray